Gabriel Stanley

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7 Days to Christmas: Director Gabriel Stanley

Gabriel Stanley spends his days directing videos for clients like Lanvin to WWD, and making music with his band, Spooky. We asked him what he would order with the new eBay Now app (which delivers anything to your doorstep in 1 hour). ”If I was stuck in a shoot and needed an Apple USB Super Harddrive, I would get it ordered to the set asap” he mentions first. “I’m also a musician, so if I was at a gig and needed an emergency save, I’d hop onto the app and search Guitar Center for a Guitar Amp.” Good thinking Gabe. 


Too good to be true? Just download the eBay Now app yourself, and just let your fingers start searching for items. If you order before Dec 22nd, all delivery fees are free and git wrapped in Holiday Jonathan Adler wrapping paper. Remember, you can shop til midnight! Also, if you place your first order before Dec 31st, eBay will take 20% off. 

(Photo: 1. Gabriel Stanley 2. Guitar Amp courtesy of Guitar Center 3. Apple USB Super Drive. Text by Jauretsi)

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Worth doing.  

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